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Revisiting Sustainability: A Recap of Our Recent Design Forum

The Architecture and Design Center's forum discussions are the perfect place to hear today's professionals speak on contemporary concerns in the design industry. In 2024, the non-profit is focusing on sustainability, a topic at the heart of the real estate and development industry, as Atlanta becomes the 3rd fastest growing city in the United States. Even more pressing when you consider that Atlanta ranks 48th in sustainable development.

The 4 experts speaking at the last Design Forum on Sustainability were John McFarland, Howard S. Werthiemer, Ed Akins, and Sam Culpepper. You can learn more about them in the blog post linked here. The moderator, ADC's Chairman of the board John Maximuk, tested the group with a gamut of questions ranging from "how can architects have better conversations with their clients around sustainability" to "what's the one thing you would tell your bother-in-law at Thanksgiving about Sustainability?" Through the discussion it became evident that a mindset shift in the way assets work for both the client and their intended audience needs to change in order to better serve the environment and the people.

The ADC has a recap of the event below but you can also attend the next event happening in June. Check back here for information as it becomes available. The next topic is "Designing for the Future: exploring the intersections between architecture and future technology."

Don't have time to watch the whole thing? Skip to our one minute movie clip section!

If you are having trouble hearing the conversation, put on closed captioning for greater clarity.

Full movie below



Quick and Informative Clips on Sustainability

One minute youtube clips from the panel discussion arranged by topic

Designing for Sustainability

Design decisions benefit from technology

Designing for the future - water conservation

Simplifying complex issues using design thinking

Proposal opportunities for architects in sustainability initiatives

Freedom of design leads to sustainability by addressing needs of the space and people

Highlighting micro environments to reduce carbon footprint

Return on Investment and Sustainability

ROI and building resale value in sustainability

ROI as a cultural value

Education About Sustainability

Framing conversations on sustainability

Proposal opportunities for architects in sustainability initiatives

Simplifying complex issues using design thinking

How Southface educates for sustainability

Education needs to happen around sustainability initiatives

Guidelines for Sustainability

"Long life loose fit" as a sustainability design guide

Shifting mindset around sustainability guiding principles

How do we bring the authority having jurisdiction into the sustainability conversation

"As a city we should say this is how we want a building to perform" - City ordinances

Embracing best practices as part of your design ethos

SDGs as the new method to ensure sustainability

LEAD Certifications and Sustainability

Replacing LEAD with performance based certifications

LEAD can inspire further sustainability initiatives



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