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About Atlanta's Architecture & Design Center

What We Do

The Architecture & Design Center (ADC) is dedicated to the advancement of great design and urbanism in the Metropolitan Atlanta area and all of the Southeastern United States. As we grow together as a community, good design is vital to establishing a high quality of life for everyone.  Tackling difficult problems like gentrification, affordability, social justice, preservation, climate change, homelessness, and equality, the organization encourages thoughtful debate and offers a diverse collection of ideas and proposals.

By uniting disparate voices and groups, we can solve urban problems from multiple angles. The organization sponsors seminars, lectures, panel discussions, exhibitions and design competitions intended to heighten awareness of the many design issues that effect day to day urban life.  We seek to recognize Atlanta’s architects and designers and have developed a guide to the region’s diverse, sometimes under-appreciated, architectural expression.  Our podcast series examines individual contributors and community efforts to solve fundamental design problems. We believe that together, we can create a better place for all of us.

ADC What We Do


The Architecture & Design Center exists to create an alliance of ideas and individuals that celebrate the value and influence of architecture and design on our lives.



To create an organization through which architecture and design practitioners and advocates can engage a broadly collaborative general audience and create a culture that becomes energized about great architecture, urbanism and design.



To increase the number, quality and exposure of programs and other opportunities dedicated to architecture and design in all of its forms


Formation / Beginnings

The Architecture & Design Center was a founded in 2012 and is an independent, non-profit cultural organization dedicated to bringing together the community to promote high-quality, problem-solving design while connecting Atlanta’s design culture to the world. Please consider supporting our mission by contributing today. 

Meet the Board

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