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ADC Top 25 Buildings in Atlanta

As a part of the Atlanta Architecture and Design Center's ongoing effort to make a comprehensive online guide to Atlanta Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape environments, we have produced the first 25 entries. As selected by ADC Board Members, this reflects both the diversity of architecture in the city and the diversity of opinion of the Board.  

This initial list represents not only worthy, excellent design but also buildings and sites of cultural and historical significance. From the graceful neo-classicism of Neil Reid’s Swan House in Buckhead to Downtown’s recently modified Central Library, the last built work of Bauhaus master Marcel Breuer; all entries represent seminal aspects of the city’s physical structure.  

The humble Ebenezer Church belies its world-changing societal significance, a powerful reminder not so much of architectural daring, but of the significance of history and place. This collection of important structures and spaces is not intended to be either a consensus nor a comprehensive list, but rather a reflection of Atlanta’s diverse architectural and historical fabric. Atlanta is a new city with a nascent appreciation of its own physical structure.  As the city grows and matures, the built environment will grow in importance and significance and the ADC intends to document that growth and provide an accessible guide for local design enthusiasts and architectural tourists alike.  

The future of architecture and urbanism is bright in the South’s premiere city. 

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